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Bye Politics

Baghdad Carney Resigns -

MITT ROMNEY - Gettin' those jaw muscles ready for the 2012 campaign season.

HERMAN CAIN - Change we can believe in.

FOR EXAMPLE - Election Day 2012.

WHAT I WOULD SAY IS - Please resign. Please go away. Take your wife with you.

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ENDS - November 2012.

TIME - To hand The Clown his @$$.

buh-bye -

A GREAT DAY - to be a handyman.

ARE GONNA TOSS OUT - tons of democrats and especially The Clown in November of 2012.


REDISTRICTING - Does a country good!

THE SUPREME COURT - Will come through in June.

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birddseedd - August 8, 2014, 11:58 am
June has come and gone.

YES - It is.

THE PERFECT STORM - After Nov 2012, conservatives will House, Senate, the WH & the Supreme Court. Time to eradicate socialism.

NOVEMBER 2012 - Obama loses the election, the electorate is pleased.

THE NEXT WEALTH SPREAD: 401K - Yeah that's right- executive branch hearings are going on as we speak to nationalize the 401k into the social security system. Kiss your assetts goodbye!

" FILE CLOSED " - We love death. The U.S. loves life. That is the difference between us two. Osama bin Laden

BOO!! - Ha, Ha, just scared the Pelosi out of the Democrats.

TEXAS SCHOOL BOARD - is looking into anti-Christian, pro-islamic textbooks. Its about time someone got it right, and supported our countries Christian roots and stopped giving in to the 'left leaning, politically correct' crowd


NOV 2012 ELECTION RESULTS - From super majority down to three.

KNOCK KNOCK. WHO'S THERE? - Sarah. Sarah who? Sarah a GOP candidate with bigger balls than Gov. Palin?

AND YOU WONDER WHY YOUR @$$ WAS FIRED BY THE PEOPLE - In the background: Mr. "I parked my zillion $ boat in another state to avoid taxes I myself voted for".

THE PEOPLE - When given the facts, will never make a mistake. ~Thomas Jefferson President Obama, the facts are out now and in Jan 2013, you will be too.


Rob Lowe Responds To Donut-Licking, America-hating Brat -

na na na na, na na na na hey hey goodbye -